All programs at the centre are provided on a 1:1 basis, with each student's program being individualised to meet their specific needs. The centre focuses on a multi-sense approach to learning; whereby some individuals learn best visually, some prefer to listen (auditory) or they learn through moving or using their tactile senses we focus on encouraging students to improve all of the above senses as well as their memory retention and co-ordination skills.


All types of specific learning difficulties are catered for at the centre as well as gifted students and students who only need to catch up because of illness or misunderstood work.


You do not have to be dyslectic to benefit from our expert tuition and
multi-sense approach to learning.


Most students attend the centre for one hour per week, but alternative arrangements can be made for those who wish to attend fortnightly or more than once a week.


The Southern Dyslectic Centre Literacy programs are phonic in their approach emphasising the way that the English language is constructed. Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling rules, Written Expression, Reading skills are a major focus of the Literacy program.


Our Mathematics program focuses on the basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Once these skills are attained the program moves onto all other areas.


Each student's program is individualised to suit them, therefore, if a student is doing well in a particular area we will continue to advance them with that topic as well as focus on their specific learning needs. This has the effect of boosting their self-esteem.